What we * can * do now: make our voice heard. Starting European Citizen Initiatives.

Democracy means that the voices of the people mater. In manny countries citizen can initiate law on local and national level. EU citizen can also initiate European law with the European Citizen initiative.

Greta Thunberg says “we need to change the rules” … in order to save our future.

Change Climate, EU is about changing the rules by initiating changes in law.

It’s about making our voice heard on as many levels as possible:

  • EU citizens’ initiative +
  • petitions to the EU & your own national parliament +
  • a national referendum +
  • letters and requests to our elected representatives

Over the coming weeks and month Change Climate, EU will not only support ongoing European Citizen Initiatives but provide tools to start more. The climate won’t be fixed with one smart initiative. There is a lot we can do.

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