Let’s turn on the heat: People sued – and won – Netherlands government now has to do more about climate. Whom to go for next?

Our governments signed the Paris accord and committed to do something about the climate. They are not doing enough to secure our future freedom, health and life. This has been and will be successful arguments in court. Our representatives have to try harder to keep us safe. Please post here ideas how to put more pressure on our lawmaker legally.

Some inspiration: The Guardian article about legal action in 28 countries

Attribution science: Politico article about scientific evidence used in litigation


What we * can * do now: make our voice heard. Starting European Citizen Initiatives.

Democracy means that the voices of the people mater. In manny countries citizen can initiate law on local and national level. EU citizen can also initiate European law with the European Citizen initiative.

Greta Thunberg says “we need to change the rules” … in order to save our future.

Change Climate, EU is about changing the rules by initiating changes in law.

It’s about making our voice heard on as many levels as possible:

  • EU citizens’ initiative +
  • petitions to the EU & your own national parliament +
  • a national referendum +
  • letters and requests to our elected representatives

Over the coming weeks and month Change Climate, EU will not only support ongoing European Citizen Initiatives but provide tools to start more. The climate won’t be fixed with one smart initiative. There is a lot we can do.

More information:


Fix CO2 trading the Soros way

One big issue is that CO2 pollution certificates (from the Kyoto protocol) are far too cheap. They do not reflect the cost of removing the excess CO2 from the atmosphere to get back into the “safe zone” beyond 350ppm (IPPC). If we know the price is way too low there should be an incentive to trade CO2 certificates long. We should also lobby governments participating in the CO2 trade not to release any more free certificates but start buying back those already issued.

Please comment ways to capture CO2 – and if available what the current cost (and a projected marginal cost) may be. Just to get a feeling about the direct cost of CO2 emissions (before accounting for cost of climate disruption) is.